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Ashconfish Saltwater Fishing Reel With Bite Alarm - Ambidextrous

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Ashconfish Fishing Reel

About Ashconfish

As one of the premier fishing tackle brands in the United States, Ashconfish has been specializing in braided fishing lines for decades. We provide more than 32,000,000 yards of braided fishing line each year to customers all over the world and have brought lots of funds and fantastic fishing experience to the anglers.

In 2019, Ashconfish founded a new factory of fishing reels. Our goal is to manufacture all kinds of fishing reels that have the highest quality in the world. We invested in the most advanced equipment and recruited people with at least 10 years of experience in this industry. Most of our engineers are from other world TOP 5 companies. After all the hard work and study, we successfully developed serials of reel. After they were released to the market, these serials rapidly earned approval from our customers. They were like a bomb in the reel industry. We don't need some superstar to promote these reels. Our products can speak for themselves.

  • Product Highlights:

    • Saltwater Reel: Enhanced with SUS304 stainless steel screws and Teflon Paste for a robust and secure assembly, preventing loosening.

    • Special Offer 🔥: Receive a complimentary 500 meters of our vibrant 8-strand multi-color braided line with every purchase.

    • Bite Alarm: The 2019 edition introduces a bite alarm switch, emitting a distinct tick-tock sound to signal line movement, ensuring you never miss a catch.

    • CNC Carve Technology: Crafted from a single metal piece, the reel's main cover and bearing seat boast precision hollowing and carving for unmatched strength and accuracy.

    • Japanese NMB Bearings: Featuring 8+1+1 large, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant bearings from Japan for exceptionally smooth casting, retrieval, and durability.

    • Tournament Ready: Experience unparalleled casting control with our advanced brake system, readying you for competitive angling with ease and reliability.

Trolling Reel Seat
Trolling Reel Brake
Trolling Reel with Bite Alarm
Trolling Reel Handle

Reel Seat

Reel Brake

Reel Metal

Reel Handle

The reel seat is secured with rivets made of SUS304 stainless steel, offering enhanced strength and durability compared to standard screws. The reel features a wrench design that conceals the mechanism for crisp and loud alerts, with the brake adjustable to three positions: FREE, STRIKE, and FULL. The reel's main body and cover are securely fastened using robust SUS304 stainless steel screws and Teflon Paste for enhanced strength and to prevent loosening. Additionally, it features an alarm switch that notifies you when there is movement on the line.
Full CNC metal hollow rocker arm and handle. Connected to the reel body with a stainless steel rivet which is very strong and not easy to loose.
  • Ocean-Ready Engineering: Tailored for ocean fishing, featuring enhanced thickness for strength and lighter handling.
  • Precision and Durability: Advanced single-piece construction elevates structural integrity and operational precision.
  • Upgraded Smooth Performance: Features larger, durable NMB bearings from Japan for enhanced smoothness and longevity.
  • Balanced Strength Design: Optimal balance of thickness and weight, designed for a powerful, smooth fishing experience.

Ashconfish Affiliate Program

Ashconfish Affiliate Program

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The Ashconfish Saltwater Fishing Reel With Bite Alarm - Ambidextrous is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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