About Ashconfish

Ashconfish, an USA local fishing tackle brand, is one of the top brands in fishing tackle industry. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in fishing sector. If you are looking for gears for your fishing trip, we have the right fishing tackle for you.
There are many reasons to shop at Ashconfish, below may be among the most important points to you.

1. Experience
Ashconfish has been providing ranges of fishing tackles to enthusiasts since 1991. Many wholesale dealers have been importing from us. In 2016, we started our business on different kinds of online platforms including Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and so on. Having thousands of customers worldwide, we understand and respect your needs, and work hard to meet and even exceed your expections.
2. Fast Delivery and Free Shipping
Our sophisticated "virtual warehouse system" enables us to find your items quickly, and then ship them to you either the same or next business day. International orders are shipped everyday at Ashconfish and we have served customers from 27 countries and area. Today we have 2 warehouses. One is in the USA and the other is in China.
3. Unbeatable Value and Pricing
We keep up with the latest developments in fishing tackle industry to offer you the products with the highest quality. In the meanwhile, we have promotions from time to time. As you can see on our shop, there is a section for Today's deal. You can find products that are on-sale today with very low prices. If you are a wholesale buyer, you can get even lower bulk prices.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are 7/24.