Fishing Near Me | The Best Fishing Spots You Should Know in the United States

Boise River, Idaho

Fishing near me

I love autumn fly fishing. Stepping into the cool mountain water, the leaves turned vivid colors, as if you were approaching heaven. The Boise River in Idaho is one of the best spots in the country because it is full of Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Whitefish, Sucker Fish.

Bristol Bay, AlaskaFishing spot near me

Bristol Bay, Alaska has many fishing retreats, including King Salmon Lodge and Mission Lodge, with everything a passionate fisherman (or woman) could desire. The lodges of Bristol Bay offer breathtaking scenery, exceptional opportunities for freshwater fishing and a comfortable environment in nature. This is a favorite spot for Red Eye Salmon and Red Salmon, as well as many other types of fish, including King Salmon, Trophy Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling and Arctic Char.

Devils Lake, North Dakota

fishing near me

Devil's Lake, North Dakota is where the 2016 Cabela's Masters Walleye Circuit was held and it's located in one of the most beautiful places in North Dakota. Most people consider the Midwest lakes to be fresh water, but the Devil's Lake is actually very salty and interesting because both salinity and depth vary widely depending on precipitation. Due to limited natural drainage, the lake collects 86% of the basin's water runoff. This means that shallow lakes can be increased up to a depth of 60 feet. Among the fish found here are Northern Pike, Walleye, White Bass, and Crappie. It's been declared the Perch Capital of the US.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

fishing spots near me

The entire Gulf of Mexico is an incredible destination for fishing enthusiasts but we chose the bay for its location and for its combination of quality fish and protected state parkland to fish from. In addition to deep-sea fishing, anglers will find the ideal fishing charter for many piers and beach fishing. You will find different types of fish, such as whiting, redfish, flounder, coast and swamps, as well as snapper, triggerfish, amberjack, king mackerel, grouper, tuna, marlin, swordfish, and wahoo just off the coast.


Bighorn River, Montana


The Bighorn River is warm and crystal clear and is a great place to catch trout. Most people are lucky enough to use artificial flies to catch trout. You can fish on the Bighorn River all year round, but the best time to fish is between April 1st and November 31st. You can find several guided fishing tours run by knowledgeable and friendly guides that will help you maximize your fishing and are great for beginners to professional fishermen.

Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Fishing walleye

Charlotte Harbor is one of the top sporting fishing destinations and the second largest open-water estuary in Florida. Charlotte Harbor contains a unique blend of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh water from the Peace Myakka and Caloosahatchee rivers, providing a superior breeding ground for a variety of fish including snooker, grouper, tarpon, redfish, Barracuda, and cobia. This place is perfect for all types of fishing, including deep sea fishing, fly fishing, back-bay fishing, kayak fishing, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing.

Thousand Islands, New York

1000 islands fishing

Although the name alone is almost convincing, millions of fish swim around these islands ranging from the big mouth bass to northern pikes and Muskies. No matter what type of environment you are looking for, the diversity here is incredible as it ranges from Lake Ontario to the St. Laurence Seaway and even to smaller tributary rivers. This allows fishermen to switch up their tactics and techniques to keep things fresh!

Florida Keys, Florida

catching islamorada swordfish

The Florida Keys is a famous fishing spot featuring 125 miles of long islands where you can fish all year round. Here you can find some of the most popular fish in the inner curve, such as redfish, snook, permit, tarpon, and bonefish. You can also find sailfish, swordfish, and blue and white marlin right off the Keys on the outer curve. The Florida Keys offers many opportunities to hire a fishing guide or captain and charter boat to make the most of your trip.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (Outer Banks)

cape hatteras fishing

Offering year-round fishing that is among the best in the world. Make sure to be here in January to catch some amazing Striped Bass as they migrate through the area in the winter.

Green River, Utah

 Red Canyon Lodge from a boat on the green river

Green River, Utah is a pristine fly fishing stream with emerald water and a huge population of trout, especially rainbow trout. Fly tackle is the most effective here, but you can also use spinners and Rapalas. There is rugged terrain, but you can easily get to Little Hole, Browns Park, and right below the dam. Of course, there are also great fishing lodges like Red Canyon Lodge with guides who can make sure you find just the right spots. Not only will you have an amazing fishing trip, but you'll be blown away by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

fishing Marthas Vineyard.jpg

There are tons of great fishing spots in this state from the coast to the mountains, but we think that Martha's Vineyard is special since it hosts one of the oldest fishing tournaments in the country.

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